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Music speaks to me.  There is just something about it.  A song can do so much, especially when you aren’t feeling your best.  I don’t really know what it is, but it just takes your mind away from all of the worries.

Through my experiences dealing with anxiety and depression, music was always my safe haven.  There was nothing better than coming home from a stressful day, putting on some headphones, and disappearing into the music.

To make it easier on you, I created a list of ten songs that are perfect to listen to when you need some extra self love time.  Anytime you are feeling down, just put on some of these songs, and immediately feel a sense of up lifting.

1. Bright- Echosmith

Something about this song is just calming.  Not only is the melody very relaxing, but the lyrics are extremely positive, something you need if you are trying to provoke some self loving feelings.

2. Sunshine- Matisyahu

If I could only put one musician on my bucket list to meet someday, it would definitely be Matisyahu.  I just love his music.  Many say he is the modern day Bob Marley, and while I think no one will ever be Bob Marley, he is pretty damn close for sure.  I am currently planning a trip to Hawaii just to meet him, who’s in?!

3. Don’t Worry Be Happy- Bobby McFerrin

The title is Don’t Worry Be Happy…so how can you not listen to this song and feel good?! When I listen to this song, I just picture myself lounging on the beach with an ice cold beer in my hand.  Relaxing…

4. Sing to You- John Splithoff

If John wants me to not worry about a single thing and just listen to him sing to me, then I am going to listen and not worry.  Here we are, with yet another relaxing ballad we can listen to and just drift to a different place in this world, one more relaxing and calm.

5. One Love/ People Get Ready- Bob Marley 

Now this is what I am talking about.  All I feel when I listen to Bob Marley are positive vibes.  He was such an amazing artist gone way too soon.  I have a few of Bob Marley’s albums on Vinyl, including Exodus, and they are some of my prized possessions. And yes, I do have a Bob Marley poster hanging in my room and no, I am not embarrassed by that in any way, shape or form.

6. One Step At A Time- Bearson, Natalola

Let’s crank it up a little bit why don’t we? Slow relaxing ballads aren’t the only feel good songs out there! Not only does this song have an upbeat tempo that you cannot help but dance to, the lyrics are positive and puts your mind in a good place.  Turn the volume all the way up on this one.

7. Riptide- Cover by Misterwives

Vance Joy is the mastermind behind this song, I have to give him all of the credit in the world, but there is just something about Mandy Lee’s voice in this song! She just honestly kills it.  I am also just obsessed with her in general so any song that the Misterwives perform usually finds a way into every Spotify playlist I ever make.

8. Our Own House- Misterwives

I know I know, two Misterwives songs in a row, but this is one you NEED to listen to.  By far my favorite song they have produced and is the perfect song to drive around with the windows down on a nice day to, I have done it multiple times I would know, just trust me on this one.

9. Summertime-Kenny Chesney

Would I be a true country fan if I didn’t put at least one country song into my feel good playlist?  Kenny Chesney was my first live concert and he honestly blew away my expectations.  Talk about some feel good music, this song is completely about summer, how could you not feel good listening to the lyrics?!

10. I Lived- One Republic

The only appropriate way for me to complete this play list is by adding some One Republic.  This song is all about living your life to the fullest and I agree with every word.  I saw One Republic live the summer in between my freshman and sophomore year of college and I honestly still feel the positive vibes when I think about them performing this song.  It left me speechless, and not many things in this world leave me speechless.

So there we have it! These songs are full of self love and reasons to stay happy.  Whenever you are feeling down, give them a listen and imagine you are somewhere where you just feel relaxed.

And never forget, positive vibes only!