Please know you will be okay.  You will cope.  You will change.  You will struggle.  But I promise with every ounce of my being, you will be okay.  You will understand that there is more in this world than your mind will let you see, you just need to break through.  That will take time, years, but you will break through.

Do what you need to do.  Anything to make you happy in the moment, that is what is most important.  Get that tattoo you want, go on that date, eat that cookie, make yourself happy.

Sometimes you will just want to lay in bed all day.  Sometimes that is okay.  But promise me, you will find the strength one day to get up and live.  I don’t want to see you waste your life lying in bed, you only live once.

Friends will betray you.  Let them and don’t stoop to their level.  Be the better person and hold your head high.

You will need to take yourself out of some situations.  That is okay.  This is about you.  Your health.  Your happiness.  Your mind.  Do what you need to do.

Work like Hell to let Mom and Dad allow you to bring an emotional support dog for yourself into the family.  She will help.  She will be there.  She won’t leave.  I promise you, this is one decision you make that will impact you 100% for the better.

Don’t give into to temptation and peer pressure.  Have self control.  It could ruin a few years of your life, it will ruin a few years of your life.  You will come out stronger.

Never give up.

With Love,


It is never easy to look back on the years you have struggled.  But believe me, looking back and seeing how far you have come, it only makes you that much stronger.  I am proud of the person I am today.  I am happy.  I have my anxiety and depression under control.  I came out victorious.

I have an amazing family, the most supportive group of friends, and a loyal pup to call my own.  Her name is Brindle by the way, she is everything.

I know it is not easy.  I know how it feels to be lost, lost with absolutely no direction and no understanding of what exactly is going on.  I have been there.  Just please know, it gets better.

And always remember, positive vibes only.