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I am 100% all for a day of relaxation.  Sometimes you honestly just need it! We live in a crazy world so in this day and age, relaxation every once in a while is an absolute must! Why not relax in style though? I mean, let’s think realistically here… what if that cute boy you have been talking to snapchats you? You need to be ready yet comfy at the same time while totally portraying the, I don’t care chill attitude you are going for! Then he’ll be like wow this girl can sure chill in style!

You never know, it could happen.

So prepare yourself, and I know it can be hard to choose through all of the cool sweatshirt designs perfect to relax in..right?

Have no fear, I am here with my top ten suggestions for super cool sweatshirts you can just chill in!

First off, we need to dedicate the first three to all my college students out there, because if these do not describe your life, you probably aren’t the typical college student because it means you have enough money to actually buy real food.  In college, I lived off of pizza, Ramen, and my all time favorite, Nutella, so why not rep them on the daily?

1. Ramen Sweatshirt-YOU NEED THIS.

2. Pizza Sweatshirt– YES YOU ALSO NEED THIS.

3. Nutella Sweatshirt– Out of all of the three I just posted, YOU REALLY NEED THIS.

Now that I got that out of the way…

4. Embrace being different with this gorgeous pullover! Let everyone know you are loud and proud to be yourself!

5. This one is just me, 100% me. Because I go to Harvard Law….right?

6. Everyone needs a sweatshirt to nap in! Here is the perfect one!

7. Perfect for those days…. because let’s be perfectly honest here… they happen.

8. Enough said…

9. Netflix and Chill anyone?

10. And to finish it off, the absolute perfect sweatshirt to chill in.

So that’s it folks! Nothing better than some totally cool sweatshirts to chill in.  Make sure you look super fly in your bed because when you look good, you feel good!

And remember, positive vibes only!