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Everyone has a phone now a days.  It is like a right of passage into being a human being or something.  Since I know you take your phone pretty much everywhere with you, why not bring a little bit of style into it?  Being The Happy Hippie, I love an adorable boho chic style, especially when it comes to my phone.

So, to make it easier for all of you, I have listed my top 15 favorite boho chic phone cases that you need to have!

1. Eating Giraffe– Honestly, people are just so clever, this concept is adorable!

2. Tie Dye– Because every hippie loves some classic tie dye, at least I do…

3. Boho Mandala – there is just something so relaxing and chic about a mandala, especially on a phone case.

4. Boho Sun and Moon – adorable, just adorable.

5. Tribal Elephant– If there are two things I love, they are tribal patterns and elephants.

6. Pink Fuzzy– So fuzzy you can basically use it as a pillow, could be perfect for airports…

7. Good Vibes -because positive vibes ONLY!

8. Handmade Natural Wood– gorgeous design, gorgeous art.

9. Pineapple Aloha– for whenever you need some summer vibes.

10. White Boho Paisley– this case is elegant, sleek and gorgeous! Definitely a must have!

11. Blue Hipster Monogram– what is more hipster than a monogram? Nothing, literally nothing.

12.  Boho Lace– There is so much elegance in this beautiful case!

13. Boho America – The case is just so cool honestly.

14. Gypsy Sun, Moon and Stars– this case is full of beautiful colors and happiness.

15. Boho Wood Wave– for all my ocean lovers out there!

And that’s a wrap! All gorgeous, and all deserve a place on your phone.  Definitely try a few out!  These cases will bring your Boho Chic style to a new level at all times.

And never forget, Positive Vibes Only!