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Shameless, a TV show on Showtime, has been recently sweeping the nation. All of the sudden our timelines and feeds are filled with gorgeous photos of Lip, hilarious memes, and about Fiona’s ultimate level of girl power, and none of us are complaining. If you have not seen this show yet, I am being completely honest when I say you’re making the biggest mistake of your life. But don’t fret, you still have time to catch up. There are currently 7 seasons as they work hard on season 8 while we all wait in anticipation.

If you have not seen the show, you probably are seriously wondering what the big hype is.  Well, I am going to take it step by step and tell you! But, please note, if you are worried about spoilers, please proceed with caution or skip to the very bottom where you can find a link to start watching now!  If you have already watched every episode about 6 times like I have, you are safe to continue at full force!


This wouldn’t be a post about Shameless if I did not start with the most irresistible character for every female who has watched the show.  Is it the way he carries himself?  Or his badass personality?  No one can quite figure out exactly why they are drawn to the one and only Lip Gallagher, but I think we are all okay with that.  We are jealous of every girl he gets involved with and sit behind our TV’s or computers wishing with every ounce of ourselves that we were them.  Lip also falls, and falls hard, something I think every girl hopes to happen to them in the back of their minds, am I right ladies? Lip keeps us wanting more, probably half of the reason this show is taking off.


This girl is my inspiration.  She is so driven and gives a good name to all big sisters.  She is the ultimate human honestly and I think we can all agree this girl does not give up.  She has been brought down probably as low as she can go, had her heart broken on multiple occasions, has served time in jail for a federal offense, and somehow still manages to kick as by managing a restaurant and selling properties for a profit.  We don’t know just yet where this is all going to take her, but we are rooting for the success of this girl.  I think we are all secretly hoping her prince charming comes along too, one who does not make a living from stealing cars or shooting up their favorite drug of choice.


What would this show be without our dearest Frank. NOTHING. Our love hate relationship with Frank keeps us on a spinning roller coaster at all times.  Between literally defying death, his running tab at The Alibi that is probably more expensive than my student loans, and his inspirational speeches about life, we cannot get enough of the laughs Frank brings Shameless fans.  I don’t think I have ever seen a TV character who convinces their child they have cancer or has slept out in the snow for multiple days at a time.  I think we can all agree that we have no idea how Frank is alive, but we are all sure happy that he is.


Our darling Debbie.  I think we are all still wondering what is going to happen with this crazy girl.  Especially when she runs a business by stealing expensive strollers just to support her daughter.  I think we are all wishing we could jump through our computer screens just to knock some sense into this girl, but we still love her.  Maybe she will get herself back on track now that she has Neil in her life.  We can only hope for the best for this sweetheart.


I think Ian and Mickey have pulled at every heart string in my body.  I love Trevor, but I am secretly still hoping Mickey magically reappears from Mexico as Ian’s knight in shining armor.  Ian has a special place in my heart, especially since I can relate to his mental illness.  While I do not have bipolar disorder as he does, I understand how hard it is to change your life after a diagnosis.  I know we all hope Ian stays healthy and keeps saving lives as an EMT because that is exactly what he deserves.


I think we have Carl has pretty much spent his entire childhood on this show.  He also has transformed the most in my eyes, both mentally and physically.  It is inevitable to notice Carl’s transition from season 1 to 7, he literally took a 360 when he hit puberty and went from our little dear Carl to a teenager finding himself in jail for being one of the largest drug dealers in Chicago, just following in Frank’s footsteps of course.  Luckily, he was able to find some inspiration through Dominique’s father who helped him get into military school.  We now have a well groomed, somewhat well behaved young man to root for.


We still haven’t heard a lot from Liam, but he is ADORABLE! After facing the shocking reality that he somehow is the biological child of both Monica and Frank, we just kept falling more in love with this one!  Now that he is a little older, he will probably be taking a larger role in the seasons to come.

Kev and V

I think they honestly have the weirdest relationship I have ever seen, but hey, it works for them!  Between Kev purposefully getting V’s mother pregnant and their polygamous relationship with Svetlana, I don’t know what else they could possibly throw at us! Let’s just all hope Kev gets The Alibi back from the scam artist they call their now ex-wife, Svetlana.

Shameless has taken us all on a journey, and if you have stuck with them since the beginning, you have probably found yourself starting to actually feel like part of the Gallagher family!  Stay tuned Shameless fans, season 8 will be here before we know it!

If you have not seen Shameless, I don’t know what you have been doing, but here is a link to Showtime so you can get on that like now…

and remember, positive vibes only!