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 Let’s talk ladies.

I am sure most of you reading this have a similar problem.  Where did my stretch marks come from, and why can I not get rid of them?  I have been asking myself this question for YEARS.

I have not yet had kids so mine actually came from puberty.  My body all of the sudden seemed to want to grow faster than my skin was allowing, leaving marks on my thighs and hips.  Now at this time I was 12, so I am sure you can understand why I started crying to my mom thinking there was something wrong with me.  I am now 21, almost 22, and still could not find anything to help even fade these marks.

That was until I discovered essential oils, specifically Phytopia.  The amazing thing about Phytopia, is they were able to create an all natural blend of essential oils specific to getting rid of stretch marks, and it actually works!

I was amazed! After years of trying to figure out what to do, I found an answer!

When I ordered my Phytopia stretch mark remover, I was so excited I could hardly wait for it to arrive! Which is why it is so great that I had it in my hands in about two days!

When I opened the package, I noticed the adorable casing the product was in! I then noticed a little envelope with cards in it.  I read through them and read more about the product!  I was amazed to see that it is 98% natural and how the company just kind of gets it.  They get that women go through this and want these marks gone! They are here to help, and I am accepting their help with open arms!

I am so pleased with this product and am so excited to try more of what #Phytopiausa has to offer me!

and never forget my friends, positive vibes only!