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If you are trying to find a new way to make a passive income, blogging is your answer.  Not only is it fun and enjoyable, but you can honestly make absolute bank.  This, of course, takes time, you’re not going to have immediate success.  It takes hard work, determination, and a few other things.

I did not expect to make 50 dollars in just my first 30 days.  I would have honestly have been happy with 1 dollar.  Any positive increase is what I am looking for, so to know I surpassed my goal of 1 dollar leaves me ecstatic.  So you are probably wondering, Alicia, how did you do it?  Well, I am going to tell you.

1. Come up with your niche and a catchy name to go with it.

You want to be remembered and you want your viewers to come back again and again.  Make sure you choose a niche you are comfortable writing about and honestly, make it something you are passionate about.  Most blogs fail because the writer is not passionate about what they are writing, therefore, they are not producing good content that interests their viewers.

If you like what you are writing and feel confident about it, others are going to like what they are reading.

A catchy name for your blog doesn’t hurt either.  You should try and give your viewers an idea of what your site is about before they even click any of your links.  For example, if you are running a food blog, maybe a name such as delicious eats or Alicia in the Kitchen would be a good idea.  Well maybe your name instead of Alicia, but you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

2. Self Host

I cannot stress enough the importance of self hosting.  Owning your website domain and your content is important for so many different reasons.  It can help you customize your site, you have more freedom with your own site.  You can make your domain something unique to you.  No other blog will be like your blog, especially when you self host.  It helps you sit out among the rest.
Web Hosting
I have been with two different self hosting servers.  I started with Bluehost, but I am going to beg you to take a second thought with this one.  They basically ruined my first site.  Not going to go into all of the details of that stressful time, but thankfully, Siteground was able to save me.  They saved my content.  I would have lost everything.  Now that I am running my new blog, where you find yourself right now, it has been nothing but smooth sailing.  They also have a live chat available 24/7 which is so helpful because they really know what they are talking about and have been able to help me through any situations I have had with my site.  Get this.  You can get started with Siteground for just $3.95 a month.  That’s right, you can own your own domain, your own website, for just $3.95 a month!  There is basically no reason not to do it!

3. Monetize

If you are trying to make money with your blog, monetizing is the way to go.  There are a few ways to do this, but I am going to talk about the way that has made me $50 in just my first 15 days of having this site live.  Affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is basically when you post a link to a product or service to your site, and when someone clicks on that link and buys the service or product, you, as the affiliate, will get a percentage of the sale at no additional cost to the person buying that product or service.  Sounds pretty awesome, right?  Well it is.

There are a few ways to find companies to affiliate for.  One way is to use an affiliate marketing site.  My favorite to use is  This site has a ton of popular brands, with some paying up to 60% commission.  This is insane! I love browsing through their extremely easy to use site and promoting some of my favorite brands.

Another thing you can do is see if a specific brand you enjoy has their own affiliate program.  A lot of brands have these programs, such as Monq, Pura Vida Bracelets, Alex and Ani and many, many more.

This is the most popular way to make money with your blog, and it really isn’t that hard either!

4. Get your blog out there

Market your blog! This is so so important.  You cannot just sit around and wait for your blog to get discovered, because it is not going to happen! Create social media, join Facebook blogging groups, create an email list, literally anything you can do to get your name out there and help others find your amazing content you have to offer!

There it is! This is all I did to make $50 in just 15 days! It is possible, you just have to work hard! It will all pay off I promise! I love being able to share my stories with you all, getting paid to do it is just a bonus! You can do this too!

and never forget, positive vibes only!