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I started a Pinterest for my account about a month ago.  Since then, I have gained over 1,000 followers.  How? I am going to tell you!

Pinterest has become one of the largest “search engine platforms” specifically for bloggers and small businesses.  Now notice, I say search engine and not social media.  Even though you are able to comment, chat, and follow each other, this is not a social media platform.  Pinterest is basically a visual search engine.  You type in keywords and Pinterest suggests pins that you can then save to different boards on your profile.  You can literally search for pretty much whatever you want!

So, how do you get people to find your profile and follow your boards?

Great question! I am going to share with you exactly how I have done it.

Creating you Profile

This is how you can start off right.  If you already have a profile, it is also an easy fix to make sure your profile is Pinterest SEO ready! So, how do you make your profile easy to be found?


Pinterest keywords are one of the most important aspects of creating your profile.  You want to be using keywords in your bio, in your pin titles, in your pin description, basically anywhere you can add them.  You have to think as your viewers would.  What would your viewers be searching that could lead them to your pins?  What keywords would they be searching?  Are you utilizing these keywords?

The answer should 100% be yes, especially if you want those searching your niche to find you!

Implementing Rich Pins

Rich Pins basically help Pinterest add information and descriptions to your pins from your website or blog.  It gives the reader more information right when they click on your pin which can be vital is having your pins found.

There are specific types of rich pins, such as product pins, movie pins, recipe pins, etc.  The process to get approved is so simple and you can find exactly where you do this with Pinterest’s pin validator.

Using Catchy High Quality Images

Pinterest is all about the visuals.  When users are browsing through Pinterest, they are looking at the photo you are including with your pin.  Making sure it is the correct size is one important step, but I want to talk about making it eye catchy.

Research shows that adding warm colors to your pins is more affective than adding cool colors.  So bright pinks, orange, reds, yellows, they are more likely to get repinned! If you are looking for a good, free website to create eye catchy images perfect for Pinterest, I HIGHLY suggest trying out Canva!
Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


Now Tailwind is my ultimate secret.  This is what has really helped boost my followers.  Since joining, I have gone from 24 followers to over 1,000 followers and it increases on a daily basis.  If you are serious about increasing your Pinterest traffic, this is something you need to do, unless you are able to sit at your computer 24/7 pinning…which I know you aren’t because sleep is important, at least for me.

My Pinterest profile basically runs on auto-pilot.  It takes about an hour to schedule my pins for the week and from there, it all works itself.  I have to do nothing but watch users repin my content and gain followers.

Tailwind is a must have for anyone who is serious about getting their blog to take off.

You can also join Tailwind tribes to share your pins with other users on Tailwind and allow your pins to be seen by even more users and bloggers from around the world!

You can also browse through extremely important stats on Tailwind and can see exactly how often your pins are being repinned and how popular they are becoming in the Pinterest world.

Tailwind is a must have for anyone who really wants to boost their Pinterest volume!

If you implement all of these tips to your Pinterest profile, I promise, you are going to see a difference and you are going to see it fast!  I cannot suggest using these tips enough, they changed the way I use Pinterest completely! And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest! 

and never forget Positive Vibes Only!