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Anxiety is scary.  I was diagnosed with anxiety at the age of 18.  I had no idea what I was feeling or what I was going through, and I could never find the words to explain.  It has taken me years to find what works, some are more lucky and can cope much easier, while some have it much worse.  I sympathize with anyone going through this.  Just know, you are not alone, others care and want you to get better, I want you to get better, because I first hand know how hard it is.

I am here to help.  I am hoping that this post can help just one person, and then writing it would be 100% worth it.  Please share this with those you know struggling with anxiety.  Some of these are things that work for me, some are proven by research to help.

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Katherine Dahlsgaard speak.  Katherine is the Lead Psychologist at the Anxiety Behaviors Clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  During her speech, Katherine talked a lot about certain things work for helping anxiety, and certain do not.  I was floored to say the least and came out of that speech completely inspired.

So here we go. The five things I have learned help beat anxiety, because you are stronger than your disorder.


If you are sick and tired of dealing with anxiety and depression, this is the number one change you need to make in your life, unless you already exercise, if you do keep doing it.  Guess what?  Exercise is powerful enough to replace your anti-depression medication and your anti-anxiety medication.  That is right, I said it.  Basically, exercise can help you cope.

So roll out that yoga mat, put on those jogging shoes, bring out a soccer ball and get outside or get to the gym.  You are going to be amazed at how much better you start to feel almost instantly.  All of the happy chemicals in your brain are going to be having a field day and be extremely pleased with you, I promise.

Face your Fears

Avoidance makes anxiety worse.  You need to face what is making you anxious or what is scaring you.  You need to fight it and conquer it.  I know this is extremely scary and is the hardest step, but it is what is going to ultimately help you become less anxious in the future.

I mean it makes sense, if you keep attacking the one thing that makes you anxious, eventually, you are going to be more comfortable with it.  This can take time, but it will happen, you will defeat what scares you, you will prevail.

Organize Yourself

Clutter is never good.  Decluttering can help you feel so much better.  I have always had a problem with being unorganized and I think a lot of that is due to how lazy I got.  I have learned that taking ten extra minutes a day to organize can save you 5 hours of cleaning on the weekend when you want to be relaxing!

It is time to take control of your space, de clutter, donate clothes you no longer wear and have your dream space.  I find searching through home decor on Pinterest gives me some extra motivation to clean if you need that little push!


That’s right, I said it, sleep.  If you do not have an adequate amount of sleep each night, you are going to feel anxious and depressed.  This can also add to your stress and irritability level.  I make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.  It helps me function the next day and I also then have enough energy to get my work out in!

Sleep is super important if you have anxious children.  Children especially need to have an adequate amount of sleep each night and this should remain consistent.  That means you need to stick to a consistent bed time, and it is healthy to keep yourself to a consistent bed time as well.

Learn to relax the body

If you can relax your mind, you need to be able to relax your body as well.  This is just as important as exercising because you do need a break believe it or not.  I like to do meditation in which I focus on relaxing both my mind and my body.  This gives me time to not worry about anything else going on in my life or in the world.  I just focus on myself and what I am feeling.

So here we have it.  5 different strategies you can implement into your life right this second to start conquering your anxiety!  Implementing these different strategies will be life changing. Enjoy!

And never forget, positive vibes only!