I thought that I had found the perfect friendship.  I thought you would be my maid of honor and I your’s.  I thought we would be roommates until we were married and ready to move in with our own families.  I thought we would be the God Mothers to each other’s future children.  I thought we had the friendship everyone craved.

I was wrong.

I’ll never forget the first time you told me that if I did something wrong, you would never speak to me again.  I’ll never forget when you moved on to new best friends, leaving me in the dust.  I’ll never forget when you told me I could no longer be friends with someone who had been in my life for a long time.

I will never forget when you ridiculed my friends whom you had just met.  I’ll never forget the times you made me feel like I could not do anything right.  I’ll never forget the times you ridiculed me for my problems, instead of trying to help me.  I will never forget hearing that you were telling people my mental illness was too much to deal with.  I’ll never forget, when you completely gave up on me.


I’ll never forget how much stronger this made me.  I’ll never forget the friendships I did not give up on, because you gave up on ours.  I’ll never forget the lessons I learned.  I’ll never forget the strength I have gained pulling myself out of my problems on my own.  I’ll never forget how much I truly value those who have stuck by my side.

So thank you.  That’s right, thank you.  Thank you for showing me what a true friend is not, only so I could see what a true friend should be.

I am so lucky to have amazing friends who have stuck by me my whole life, and have only realized even more how important they truly are.  So thank you, and goodbye.

positive vibes only my people!