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So, I tend to do this thing where I grow my hair out, cut it, and then am pretty much instantly sick of how short it is the second I try to put it up into a pony tail to work out.  And then my hair is flapping in my face and it is just overall a bad situation.  So honestly, thank goodness for my Dae Long Hair Growth Treatment because if I didn’t have it, I would be losing my mind much longer than I do.

I am not one to put harmful and unnatural chemicals in or on any parts of my body.  So when I came across Dae Long, I was ecstatic to find out that there are no chemicals what so ever.  It is made from natural extracts and helps make your hair straight, smooth, and silky. Basically all the great things you see in a Pantene commercial put together in one.

So if you are anything like me, this is a product for you.  This product is for all my impulsive thinkers out there who make decisions with in one day and then instantly regret them.  Luckily, hair grows back, and even better, Dae Long helps it grow back even faster.  Basically a win win situation for everyone.

You gotta give this a try and I am not just saying that! I truly mean it! You will see amazing results quickly!

So go ahead.  Make that impulsive decision, enjoy it for a day, and then start getting it back to your lovely long locks you absolutely love!

Grow your hair and self confidence all at the same time!

and never forget my happy hippies, positive vibes only!