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When you are traveling, there is so much to remember! Clothes, money, cell phone plan, and most importantly, your passport.  Passports are becoming even more important now, some states are even requiring you to have your passport now because they are going to stop accepting state ID’s to fly, even for travel within the United States.  Of course my luck, Pennsylvania is one of those states, so I have to have my passport anyway!

Why not let your passport travel in style with you?

I have found a cheap way to do just that!

This Stylish Passport Cover is adorable and comes in so many different colors! I personally have the Aqua Blue, but there is light pink, hot pink, yellow and so many more.  It is small and convenient, barely takes up any space, and is perfect to have with you during your travels.

Never forget your passport again! You are ready to get out there!

and never forget, positive vibes only!