Great question.

Why IS self love so important?  Wow there are so many reasons, I could honestly go on for hours.  Now, I am not going to bore you by rambling for hours, even though I seriously could, but we are going to chat about this for a bit.

To me, self love going hand in hand with self appreciation.  You need to appreciate yourself to love yourself.  But, seriously, why is all of this so important? Well, let me tell you!

You come off more confident

People can tell whether you feel confident or insecure.  It is one of the easiest things to read in a person.  Whether it is through your actions, what you say, you basically are opening yourself up like a book.  That is a good thing though, you want to open yourself up instead of living behind closed doors.  When you love yourself and love the life you live, you are going to seem more confident.  It is just a fact of life.

I am not saying you are never going to feel insecure.  I feel insecure about certain things in life and that is natural, but I also make sure to tell myself things that I like about myself.  It is the only way I am going to enjoy myself and my life.  I try to stay as positive as possible, although this can be hard sometimes, I really try and this makes all the difference.

It can affect relationships

I am going to be super blunt here, but, if you are always complaining about yourself and everything around you, chances are, people are not going to want to be around you.  It is just he way it is.  This does not mean that those who may not be around you are horrible people, it is not their fault.  Maybe, they just don’t want to be near constant negativity, and that is completely understandable.

Sometimes it is ok to be insecure and sensitive about things, but if it gets to the point where someone feels like they are walking on glass with you, maybe it is time to try and make some positive changes in your life.

Loving yourself makes you stronger

After dealing with a mental illness that literally made me hate myself, I am really happy that I am now at a point where I actually love who I am.  I am happy with my life and the changes I have made in the past year.  I could have easily have chosen to stick with my toxic ways, but I knew I needed to make a change if I actually wanted to start enjoying who I was again.

I am stronger because I love myself again, and I am so proud to say that.

It makes your relationships more secure

How can you expect someone else to love you if you cannot even love yourself.  I never quite understood the importance of this saying.  I was in a few relationships when I was a freshman in college, and they honestly were all horrible.  I was not ok.  I was coming out of a relationship in which I was cheated on which took a huge hit on how I felt about myself.  I didn’t think I was good enough, and that affected the relationships I was involved in that year.

So, I took some time off, three years to be exact.  I took this time to fall in love with myself again.

I am now in a somewhat new relationship, and the difference is immaculate.  It is amazing how much more secure I am in this relationship, a lot of that due to how I now feel about myself.

If you are feeling insecure, taking some time off from giving your time to someone else to solely focus on yourself isn’t a bad idea.

So, what do I do?

Now, that all sounds scary, I know.  But you can make changes today and these changes can improve your life by heaps and bounds.

1. Exercise

A huge reason for insecurity is weight.  I am still not happy with where I am, but I am still making changes, because frankly, if you do not change, you will not see results.  So eat healthy, exercise, you will feel so much better.  I suggest yoga, it is my favorite.

2. Compliment yourself

Stand in front of your mirror and give yourself five compliments when you wake up in the morning, I dare you.

3. Spend time with those you love

Family and friends are there to lift you up, don’t take them for granted.

4. Appreciate nature

Nature is amazing and can change your mood in a matter of seconds, science is there to prove it.

and never forget, positive vibes only.